Get Fit, Not Rich
Date: June 25th, 2022
80 days
1 hours/day
130 USD
The project has very little chance of success.
XYZ Score
The minimum time you need to spend every day in the game to earn.
Min Effective Playtime
Perfect gameplay experience.
Play Score
Perfect gameplay experience.
You can't buy or sell NFT and in-game currency, or it's hard to do.
Liquidity Score
NFT and in-game currency market volume is huge.
The minimum cost of the NFT that you will need to participate in the game.
Entry Cost
The minimum cost of the NFT that you will need to participate in the game.
The time it will take to recoup the invested funds.
Payback Period
The time it will take to recoup the invested funds.
A medium active community, but no hype.
Hype Score
A large and active community generates hype.
The project has a good chance of success.
The minimum time you need to spend every day in the game to earn.
XYZ lab has assessed STEPN and rated it as Promising at 36 points. The game combines medium Hypescore with perfect Playscore, but awful payback time and very discouraging Liquidity score ruin the game.

For Stepn holders: Sneakers' prices and GST exchange rate are going down. XYZ lab does not see any signs of an imminent pump. It makes sense to hodl if you believe that the project team will manage to fix its economy.

For Newcomers: Sneakers' prices are at a historical low. Community is still large and active. Now may be a good time to enter the project with minimal costs. But only taking into account the high risk of such a decision.

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STEPN is a game-fi fitness app where players earn crypto for running. It’s the first application of this type, which has become the genre standard and has generated a horde of followers and imitators.
The idea of the application was captivating with its revolutionary simplicity. Run and earn — what could be easier! No complicated mechanics, thoughtful strategies, no gameplay. Only your physical strength and endurance. Just buy NFT sneakers and go ahead! Per Aspera ad Lunam.
With such introductions, the frenzied success of the game is not surprising. Even the skyrocketing price of sneakers didn't reduce the unstoppable flow of new players. The payback period was small, and the income was more than decent for a p2e game. That's how we will remember the golden age of Stepn, which ended with $100 sneakers on the NFT markets and the 93% devalued main game currency GST.

In Memoriam.
Stepn has a large and active community. But, like all the other project assets, it is slowly stagnating.
The Stepn Twitter account has about 622,000 followers. At the same time, over the last month, the number of unsubscribed users amounted to 2,000. In Discord, the game's community is 466,000 people. But in recent weeks, about 30,000 community members have unsubscribed. The number of subscribers on the official Telegram channel is also decreasing, and currently stands at 53,000 people.
Liquidity Score
The main game assets are trading well, but their rate is constantly decreasing. You will probably be able to withdraw the funds invested in the game. But you most likely won't make any profit.
The floor price of sneakers in the Magic Eden marketplace is 3.20 SOL, which is about $130 at the current rate. For comparison, a month ago it was about $600.
Sneakers mint, BSC
More than 1000 newly minted sneakers enter the market daily. An increase in supply without a proportionate increase in demand pushes prices down.
GST Mint \ Burn
The collapse of the GST rate has called into question the payback of previously purchased sneakers. And for potential new players, it has extended the payback period to months.
There is no way to enter STEPN for free. Moreover, you still need an invite code to start playing. With an optimal NFT, your payback period will be 80 days at the time of writing. And if the GST rate continues to fall, this period will only increase.
GMT Earners \ Spenders
The amount of GMT Spenders is decreasing. GMT token is used for The project is losing active users.
GST Earners \ Spenders
The amount of GST Earners is decreasing gradually. Fewer and fewer people see the project as a means of earning money.
Stepn has become a trendsetter in the play-to-earn world. The idea of profiting from movement looked truly revolutionary. Thanks to Stepn, many people got acquainted with the world of cryptocurrencies.

And yet everything suggests that the golden age of Stepn has come to an end. It's time to move on to other move-to-earn projects. Here you can improve your physical fitness, but not your financial health.