Best Play No Earn
Date: July 15th, 2022
50 days
1 hours/day
90 USD
The project has very little chance of success.
XYZ Score
The minimum time you need to spend every day in the game to earn.
Min Effective Playtime
Perfect gameplay experience.
Play Score
Perfect gameplay experience.
You can't buy or sell NFT and in-game currency, or it's hard to do.
Liquidity Score
NFT and in-game currency market volume is huge.
The minimum cost of the NFT that you will need to participate in the game.
Entry Cost
The minimum cost of the NFT that you will need to participate in the game.
The time it will take to recoup the invested funds.
Payback Period
The time it will take to recoup the invested funds.
A medium active community, but no hype.
Hype Score
A large and active community generates hype.
The project has a good chance of success.
The minimum time you need to spend every day in the game to earn.
XYZ lab has assessed Skyweaver and rated it at 38 points. The game combines perfect Playscore with average Payback Period, but low Hypescore and very discouraging Liquidity prevents the game from realizing its potential as a P2E GEM.

For Skyweaver players: If you are already playing Skyweaver, continue to enjoy the excellent gameplay, thoughtful balance, and transparent earnings system. It doesn't look like the game will be able to become a source of big earnings. But this is not a reason not to play it.

For Newcomers: Skyweaver is a complex and multifaceted collectible card game which won't earn you quick money. And maybe you won't be able to earn at all, unable to overcome a sufficiently high entry threshold. But if you are a TCG fan who wants to join one of the best examples of the genre without paying much attention to earnings, welcome.

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Skyweaver is a complex and multifaceted collectible card game in which players compete for a place in the ranking and the possession of rare and unique cards. A large selection of cards and their combinations, thoughtful balance, and a variety of game mechanics that give players the freedom to choose their winning strategy, multiplied by pleasant graphics and animation, make Skyweaver one of the best representatives of this genre.
The game has a fairly large and active community, which, however, does not show a growth trend. The game has become very popular among fans of the genre. But there is no mass influx of new players or global hype.
Liquidity Score
There are no tokens in the game. The only liquidity source is the NFT gaming cards market. The daily sales volume does not exceed $10,000, which is extremely small by the standards of P2E games. You will most likely be able to sell your cards at the market price, but you will hardly earn big money.
NFT Cards Market Volume, USDC
More than 80% of sales on the collectible cards market are in the amount of $1 to $10. About 200-500 daily transactions produce a trading volume of no more than $10,000.
The only way to make money in the game is to win rare silver and gold NFT game cards in battles and sell them on the in-game market. It is difficult to win, the number of prize cards is limited, the cards cost an average of $ 1-10. Conclusion: this game is not about earning money.

SkyWeaver is one of the best modern games in the TCG genre. It is interesting, pleasant and quite challenging to play. However, without a massive influx of new players and the current level of liquidity and earnings, the game has a clear bias to the "play" side in its p2e balance.

Conclusion: Skyweaver is one of the best play no earn games to date.