Just Play, No Earn
Date: June 21th, 2022
21 days
1 hours/day
72 USD
The project has a good chance of success.
XYZ Score
The minimum time you need to spend every day in the game to earn.
Min Effective Playtime
A very good game with a satisfying experience.
Play Score
Perfect gameplay experience.
NFT and in-game currency market volume is huge.
Liquidity Score
You can easily buy NFT and in-game currency, but the overall volume is not huge.
The minimum cost of the NFT that you will need to participate in the game.
Entry Cost
The minimum cost of the NFT that you will need to participate in the game.
The time it will take to recoup the invested funds.
Payback Period
A very good game with a satisfying experience.
Medium active community, but no hype.
Hype Score
A large and active community generates hype.
The project has a good chance of success.
The minimum time you need to spend every day in the game to earn.
XYZ lab has assessed Sandbox and rated it at 68 points. The game combines a medium Hypescore and good Liquidity score with mediocre gameplay and good expected payback time.

For token holders: Land and assets markets volume is big enough to be sure of good liquidity of your tokens. The Sandbox metaverse is developing. And the start of the new season will attract new players, which likely will increase the value of your possessions.

For newcomers: Right now there are not much play to earn activities in Sandbox. But when the new season starts, there will be a roaring hype around this game. So maybe it’s a good time to invest in a land plot or create some new assets for sale. Or just wait for the the new season and try earning some Sand.

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Sandbox is more of a Metaverse than a game in the usual sense. Anyone can buy a piece of land and use it for different in-game activities.
With an in-game editor, you can build things, fill your land with various objects and invite guests. You can turn your land into a game level, rent it out to a game designer or sell it in the marketplace.
Voxel graphics and emphasis on construction make the game somewhat similar to Minecraft. The only difference is that most players who do not own land participate only in completing quests.

The active game takes place within the seasons when a lot of game levels with quests open at the same time. The second season ended in the spring and now preparations are underway for the third one, the start date of which has not yet been announced. Therefore, now there is essentially nothing to do in the Sandbox. Except for a couple of daily activities, but nothing more significant and worthy.

It is not necessary to buy NFT to participate in the game, but f2p does not allow you to earn. P2E mechanics are only available to players with a season pass. The pass can be obtained through a whitelist, through participation in the game and social network activities, or bought on the secondary market.
Liquidity Score
The exchange rate of the Sand game currency is recovering after a recent fall and is $0.93 at the time of writing. The volume of Sand is around $300,000,000. The volume of the land and assets market is about $60,000.
Land Market Volume, $
The Land market volume is steady enough generating around $100 000 daily.
The Sand token is the main game currency in the Sandbox. It is used to buy land and assets, for governance and betting, to place assets created by players on the in-game market, to participate in some games and to earn money.
Assets market volume
There is some lull in the market after the peak figures of the previous weeks.
The Sand rate has been around $1.3 for a long time, but recently has dropped to $0.8. The number of token receivers during the second alpha season reached $700 per day. After the end of the season, the number of receivers ranges from 200-300 per day.
Sand Earners
The number of Sand earners is slowly decreasing after the end of the Season 2. Most likely, this indicator will grow significantly with the start of the new season.
The game has quite large communities on social networks. However, there is an outflow of subscribers on all channels. After the launch date of the third season is announced, we will most likely see an influx of new users into the game's communities again.
The Sandbox Twitter account has about 1,000,000 followers. At the same time, over the last month, the number of unsubscribed users amounted to 12,000. In Discord, the game's community is 305,000 people. But in recent weeks, more than 1,000 people have unsubscribed. The number of subscribers on the official Telegram channel is also decreasing, and currently stands at 105,000 people.
Sandbox allows you to earn good money, but only during the season. Now, if you are not a land owner of the land, there is essentially nothing to do in the game.
Technically, the game has a f2p mode. But in order to earn money, the player must have a pass. You can win a pass through a whitelist, earn in social media activities, or buy it on the secondary market. During the season, players completed quests at various game levels, collected coins and won prizes in Sand. The second season ended in the spring, and the beginning of the third one has not yet been announced. Therefore, at the moment, the opportunity to earn money in the game is very limited.
There are two main types of NFT in the game - Land and Assets. The Landowners can build game levels on it, rent it out to game designers, and stake the Sand token on it. Assets are needed to diversify the level design. Players can independently create Assets using the Vox Edit and sell their creations on the in-game market.
Sandbox has a great potential to become a full-fledged metaverse. Play-to-earn activities and paid UGC can create a large and loyal community around the game. But for now, there is a lack of opportunities to earn money regularly. Get ready for Season Three.