XYZ2E introduces the 2022 Report
on the state of P2E Industry
XYZ2E, the leading analytical group in the GameFi market, has published a report on the state of the Play to Earn industry for 2022.
Press release
The report revealed the main trends affecting the market. We assessed the current state of the GameFi industry, identified the number of games at different stages of development, determined the dynamics of market leaders by capitalization and the number of active users.
We highlighted the most popular genres and blockchains. Estimated the entry cost, the level of earnings and payback periods in the most popular projects. Compared the dynamics of the GameFi currencies market with the whole crypto market.
Key takeaways:
  • A huge ecosystem of projects sit on an incredible amount of money with no clear idea of what's next.
  • User activity is decreasing despite the fact that more games keep being released.
  • Work-to-Earn is absolutely crushing Play-to-Earn.
  • Some of the fundamental concepts of P2E turned out to be blatant ponzies.
  • Crypto always finds a way.
  • There are numerous strategies to be tested in the coming years in the crypto gaming space.
  • Play2Earn market will either become a huge part of the overall gaming industry or will eventually deteriorate into a very niche one.
Press Contacts
Ivan Uli
About XYZ2E
We are a group of Crypto enthusiast working in the space since 2016.
Back then we founded ICORating agency and made it the most respected entity on the market.
We passed through many ups and downs but stayed here being strong believers in the inevitable expansion of the blockchain ideas into many areas of our life.
We have been investing into many crypto startups throughout these years and entered the play2earn market in 2017.
Now we are building one of the most valuable pieces of the Crypto games market - data analysis tools and market insights platform both for the Players and the Developers of the Games whom we equally admire a lot!