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Date: June 25th, 2022
Era7 Review:
46 days
2 hours/day
50 USD
The project is neither awful nor promising.
XYZ Score
The minimum time you need to spend every day in the game to earn.
Min Effective Playtime
Perfect gameplay experience.
Play Score
Perfect gameplay experience.
You can easily buy NFT and in-game currency, but the overall volume is not huge.
Liquidity Score
You can easily buy NFT and in-game currency, but the overall volume is not huge.
The minimum cost of the NFT that you will need to participate in the game.
Entry Cost
The minimum cost of the NFT that you will need to participate in the game.
The time it will take to recoup the invested funds.
Payback Period
The time it will take to recoup the invested funds.
Lack of subscribers, small active community.
Hype Score
Small active community, but no hype
The project has a good chance of success.
The minimum time you need to spend every day in the game to earn.
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XYZ lab has assessed Era7 Game of Truth and rated it at 54 points. The game combines a weak hypescore and low liquidity score with very exciting gameplay and short enough payback period.

For token holders: ERA's and GOT's rates and the card prices are decreasing. The weak influx of new players does not give hope for rapid economic growth. But the game's economy looks healthy. If you have learned how to maintain a winning streak, it makes sense to continue playing and making money from battles and mining, recouping the initial investments, and counting on a relatively small but steady profit.

For newcomers: If you are a CCG fan, it makes sense to try game in free-to-play mode. It will allow you to evaluate the game and, if desired, buy NFT and try to earn a little money.

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Era 7 is a collectible card game inspired by the best representatives of the genre: Hearthstone and MTG. It’s based on the classic fantasy power struggle between armies of different creatures of the magical world.
Battle Card
The graphics are minimalistic, but very cute with charming pixel art animations. Playing Era7 is fascinating and enjoyable. And it is doubly pleasant that you can start the game without any investments at all. A free starter deck is more than enough for any player who is even a little familiar with the genre to get acquainted with the mechanics of the game, and start earning in the world of Truth.

There are plenty of sources of income. You can hack into the PvE campaign, simultaneously replenishing your deck with new battle cards. You can fight in rating battles in the PvP arena. And you can buy an NFT Master Card, mint NFT Battle Cards and receive passive income from mining game currency.

At first glance, everything looks good. But what about the economy?
Liquidity Score
The number of players receiving payouts in both game currencies is slowly growing. The exchange rate of the Era token has stabilized after a recent fall, but trading volume is decreasing. At the same time, the in-game NFT market has a large amount of game cards for quite reasonable price and sales volume is growing steadily.
The two currencies in the game are ERA and GOT. ERA token is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and can be used to purchase NFT for liquidity mining, Master Card recharging, and exchanged for stable coins.

You can spend GOT tokens recharging Master Card and exchange them for stable coins.

The exchange rate of both coins has stabilized after a recent fall, but there’s no rapid growth in sight. The trading volume has also been showing a decline in recent days. At the same time, both coins have a healthy burn rate, so they are not in danger of inflation shortly.
ERA token burn rate
Era token shows a healthy burn rate and does not contain the risk of inflation due to the overproduction of the coin.
Another alarming signal is the dynamic of earners receiving income in the game currency. The number of earners has been steadily growing for a month, but over the past week it has rushed down. Though it’s too early to say whether this is a long-term trend or a temporary phenomenon.
ERA token Earners/Spenders
GOT token Earners/Spenders
In general, the state of the economy can be considered moderately stable. The charts do not reach the floor, but there is no rapid growth either.
Lack of marketing can partially explain Era’s mediocre Liquidity Score.
At present, Era doesn’t show explosive growth. There is not much hype around it. Era’s Twitter account is actively losing followers, which is a bad sign. Era’s Discord and Telegram accounts have an active and engaged community, but it’s growing too slowly to provide a steady influx of new players.
The game has a free-to-play mode. But for a more comfortable and profitable game better purchase an NFT Master Card. It’ll cost you no less than 50 BUSD. The approximate payback time is 46 days, provided that you spend at least two hours a day assembling a suitable deck and mastering your battle skill in PvP and PvE modes.
There are two types of NFT in the game - Master Cards and Battle Cards. NFT Master Card gives the player a slight health boost in battles. But this is not its main advantage. NFT Master Card allows you to mint NFT Battle Cards, which will not only help you win battles but will also become a source of passive income from Liquidity Mining.
NFT Master Card
When choosing a Master Card, you should consider the key differences between the rarity categories. A Common card can mint a total of 70 Battle Cards, none of which will be Legendary. A Rare Card gives you the opportunity to mint 100 battle cards with a 1.2% chance of dropping a Legendary card. For Epic Master Cards, these figures are 130 cards and 6% chance. A Legendary Master Card carries 160 mint charges and a 25% chance of dropping a Legendary Card.
After all the Master Card mint charges are finished, the player will have to spend Era and GOT to recharge it. Or put the Master Card up for sale on the market, which is a common practice.
There is a brisk trade in the in-game market. The number of transactions is gradually growing, and the daily trading volume is around 100,000 BUSD. Most of the trades are conducted within 30 BUSD. Players most often buy Rare and Epic Battle Cards, the prices of which are mostly kept within this range.
NFT Market Volume, BUSD
A Common Master Card with the unspent ability to mint Battle Cards will cost you about 50 BUSD. But experienced players are advised to buy at least Rare Master Card, which will cost at least 150 BUSD.

The offer on the market is more than rich because of the constant influx of new Battle Cards minted by players that replenish the market. Battle Cards can be bred by burning two identical cards and getting one new one with increased battle stats and hash power. The burn rate of combat cards is 27%.
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Era 7 Game of Truth is a promising game with nice graphics and addictive gameplay. It can be difficult for players not familiar with the mechanics of collectible card games. But if you like to pick up imba decks and develop winning tactics, this one is for you. Era7 will allow you to have a good time and earn some money on your skills.